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MAKO arrives this week

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We have been hard at work in Wachese, NC getting all of the last minute items finished on the MAKO and it looks like we will be finished and have reasonable weather for a crossing this week.

The sea trial went well and the CAT guys were happy with how the two C18’s performed.  She handles like a dream and is faster than any of the other Makos.   We won’t waste any time getting to the fishing grounds on this boat.  The underwater exhausts make her quiet and produce enough lift at cruise that you need little, if any, trim tab adjustment.

The electronics have all checked out and been callibrated, we have some last minute adjustments to do on the radar, but she is ready to fish.

We put a camera system on the boat and we are really excited about the footage that we hope to capture.  It will be nice to send our friends home with a little movie of their exciting catch on the MAKO.

In the meantime, we put together a collection of many of the articles published which focus on Mako Charters or have our techniques included.  You might be interested in some or all of them.  You can read the articles here:   We will be adding a similar page to the Black & Blue site shortly.  

Mate Peter Lewis is here in North Carolina so we are just about ready to bring her to Bermuda and fish.  There have been a few Blues caught already and the wahoo fishing has been good on some days, quiet on the really nice days. adsense ban  MAKO is ready to go catch her share.

Seems like Thursday is the most likely departure.  We will see you all in Bermuda!

– Capt. Allen DeSilva

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