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Oct 4 – Bermuda

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As the weather moves towards Bermuda’s fall pattern, so are the fish.

In late September and early October a typical year would see a migration of “Ticker Mackerel” (that is what we call them in Bermuda, they are actually small Little Tunny or, thanks to the Florida Museum of Natural History,  how much rupees for viagra tb Euthynnus alletteratus) moving from the Harbour out to the Edge and the Banks.  Don’t ask me why they move from inshore, where they are the top of the food-chain to offshore, where they are everybody’s favorite snack, but they do.  These baits are small enough that they are bite sized for Yellowfin Tuna and especially Wahoo.  2009 seems like it will shape up to a year with a poor live bait season.  Those Ticker Mackerel are not to be found offshore – at least yet.  The only spot we have found them reliably is one small section of Bermuda’s Edge.

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The lack of Ticker Mackerel, together with a strong West tide, is making live bait fishing an unproductive use of time.  There is a bonus to all of this, however.  The lack of bait has made the Wahoo ready to bite and bite well on the troll.  Similarly, the Yellowfin Tuna that are around are ready to eat.  This has added up to a number of pretty respectable catches this week.  It seems like the Eastern Turn to the SE Corner of Challenger is holding the most fish lately.

Friday – Monday we had the Radke boys fishing with us and we produced a pile of Wahoo and a pretty good haul of Yellowfin Tuna.  I love fishing in October as the Wahoo strikes often come in doubles or triples (we had two quadruples this weekend).  Calling Wahoo fishing exciting for the guys in the cockpit is an understatement.  There is plenty of work for the Mate, the customers and the Captain.

We will try to get out a fair amount this week – weather permitting.  I hope to have more of the same to report next week.

– Capt. Allen DeSilva

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